Thursday, January 17, 2013

While I was away...

I'm finally feeling like life is getting back to normal after all of the holiday craziness! I always love to get back into a normal's the control freak in me! While I was away from this little blog of mine, I got some projects done that I wanted to share.
I have always wanted a huge, beautiful boxwood wreath, but the $60.00+ price tags on them always scare me away. It just seems like so much money to spend on a wreath. So I decided to make something similar on my own. I did not make a boxwood, but instead went with silk eucalyptus. I bought an 18" grapevine wreath from Joann's for $4.99. They were having a buy one, get one 50% off sale on the silk eucalyptus picks, so i grabbed 10 of them and went on my merry way to create my own version of the wreath I had been begging for! I'm happy with the outcome. It brings a nice burst of green into my kitchen.  

And it looks surprisingly "real" for silk flowers. There is nothing worse then "fake looking" fake flowers (does that even make any sense?!)

The kids made these adorable snowmen out of scrap 2x4's, white acrylic paint, and fabric remnants we had laying around! I absolutely love them! It was snowing outside the day we decided to create them which just made it all the more fun of a project!
I also spent some time getting the china cabinet back in order. After you take all the Christmas decorations down, it gives you a chance to look at all your favorite decor items in a new light. I always take this time to try to create new vignettes to switch things up a bit. 

I am absolutely going crazy waiting for Spring to arrive. I have already started planning out in my head what I want the back patio to look like this year. I am ready for days of playing outside from sunrise to sunset! But until then, I'll just continue to waste my time away dreaming on pinterest of all the cool outdoor projects I plan to conquer this year!!!

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