Monday, November 19, 2012

Mama's Wish List


It's that time of year again....wish list time. This year was actually quite difficult. Ya see, I'm a little wee-bit spoiled....every time I am just "dying" to have something, it always seems my husband non-chalantly ends up bringing it home. He really is the best. So when it comes time to make a "holiday list", its a little difficult. I'm pretty simple. I love things for my home and family. So my list is usually filled with kitchen items and appliances.
This year I'm dreaming about....
1. A Boxwood Wreath - I can't believe I don't own one of these yet! I have always loved them. I think they look good every season of the year.
2. New Kitchen Hardware - I love me some cup pulls. I recently used these specific ones on a desk my husband and I made and I love them. So now I would like them in my kitchen too!
3. A Wood Trash Can - Yep, folks, I have officially lost it....I would like a trash can for Christmas!! But she is pretty though, isn't she??
4. Miss Mustard Seed- Inspired You - This is the only thing on my list that I really, really want. I have restrained from just buying it for myself. I absolutely love her blog. She is such an inspiration. I can't wait to get my hands on this book!!
5. French White CorningWare - LOVE these beautiful white dishes. My favorite part about them is that they go from table to fridge. The plastic lids are excellent for storing leftovers. And the best part is that they are WHITE, of course. Love, love love white dishes.   

But, let's be real...I'd be happy if there was not a thing for me under the tree- because the best part of the holiday season is the joy on my precious little one's faces on Christmas morning when they see that Santa had come. That and the numerous holiday parties filled with family and food. We usually host a holiday party or two at our home and although I get super stressed out and drive my husband nutso with trying to make everything "perfect", I REALLY enjoy hosting! The holidays are such an amazing time of the year.

 SO, what's on your list this year??!!

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